Training is going great. I have my schedule down and we are going through the steps preparing for Koscheck. He presents some difficulties to me because he doesn’t really like to get hit. Thus, he uses his wrestling talent to keep the fight as far as possible from wherever he can get hit. If he could, I’m sure he would have me in a headstand because it is as far as I can be from standing up.

As always I train for everything including the pleasant surprise of him trading on the feet but of course I expect the worst and train for it. Lots of wrestling and jiu-jitsu so I’ll be sharp there. I doubt I’ll forget how to strike any more than he’ll forget how to wrestle so this is the best training camp for me. I’ll be in shape and ready for war.

Aside from training the family is loving Rio. Unfortunately our belongings still have not arrived. They are scheduled to arrive on the 8th but we’ll see how long it takes to actually get my stuff. As if living in an empty house doing hard training twice a day isn’t enough, I have dealt with the worst customer service ever by almost every company I’ve tried to get anything from. What’s up with that?

Stay tuned for updates. I’ll try to post pics later.  mmmkay, buh-bye

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  1. Buchanan Says:

    Alright Hot Shot… Here’s the thing. Have you BEEN hit by you? Seriously, who wants that? Its been over a year and I STILL feel it… Jerk.

    Glad things are going well. Would love to come down to Brasil and see what that place is all about. I hear they have beaches and hot chicks? Well, I guess leaving Portland for awhile would be ok. I mean, not that grumpy people and rain isn’t so much better than bikinis and sunshine… But still, changing things up is not so bad. Plus maybe they’ll play weird folk music from the 60s/70s and a group of your friends could stand around and dance, a la a Pink Panther movie w/ Peter Sellers, and I would be the only one not speaking Portuguese… Man, that’d be AWESOME!

    Keep updating this site, dude. Its nice to know that you are out there and communicating to all of us who follow your endeavors… Hope the kids n’ wife are well.

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