Gabriela is here!

Again, I am a proud father. First I was blessed with a son, now I have been blessed with a precious, perfect, healthy baby daughter. Gabriela was born on Monday morning, April 21 around 8 am. We just got back from the hospital today (Thursday the 24th). She’s quiet and easy-going. She doesn’t cry unless she’s wet or hungry and if we get a jump on it, we can even prevent that. She’s so adorable… I don’t deserve her. I’ve started saving up bail money for myself or for my son. There’s an ongoing bet among friends as to which of us will use the bail money first. Good luck to all her future boyfriends… I almost feel sorry for her, not so much for them.

I was just thinking, “When she’s older she’s going to see my first fight after she was born. It will have been dedicated to her. I wonder who the opponent will be for that fight?”… Poor guy.

Gabi Gabi

4 Responses to “Gabriela is here!”

  1. Sandy Jaurigue Says:

    Hey Chris,

    Congradulations on little gabi, she is very cute…

  2. Jimmy POP Says:


  3. Kris Says:

    You are truly blessed with such a wonderful, beautiful & loving family! My bet is on Lucas for at least a call from the school principal.
    No situation screams out for an altercation like a school full of hormonal teenage boys and a cherished little sister.

  4. Randolph Koch Says:

    Congratulations! She is so precious!

    I’m very happy for you guys! Kids are such a gift and a blessing!

    Again, Congratulations and thanks for sharing this great and exciting news with us!

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